Growing up in a family where film is uncommon as a career path, I knew I had to step out of the box with what I wanted to do since I was a kid. From watching my uncle record homemade videos to watching horror films on the big screen, I knew this is what I wanted to do. After graduating California State University of Northridge, with a Bachelor's in Film and Television Arts, I continued to pursue my passion by landing a job opportunity with NKA Vids LLC, a professional skateboard production company and was able to work alongside the owner, Nigel K. Alexander, with prestigious companies such as GoPro, Mountain Dew, NikeSB, Nike Run, Lanparte Gimbals, Taco Bell, and Primitive Skateboarding. Later I discontinued editing for NKA Vids, and began working as a Videographer and Editor the the marketing team of SMARTfit Inc, a brain and sports rehab center. Few years later, I stopped working for SMARTfit Inc. and began working on my true passion as a full time freelance artist that focuses primarily on editing and producing. Right now, I freelance for TasteMade, TasteMade Home, IMDb, Wistia, and QuickHire, with my experience ranging from social to branded content, along with sizzle reels for today's infamous actors in entertainment. I've learned a lot working with many different people and companies that I will forever cherish. Although I consider myself skilled and professional, I'm always a student first and willing to learn with the people I continue to work with. Let's grow together!